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snowbarding sculpture

Public Art

Indy Sunset

Blue River Bike + Pedestrian Path
Jason Dreweck and Teresa Hansen

Artists Jason Dreweck and Teresa Hansen modeled Indy Sunset after photographs of Logan McCalmon performing the “Indy Grab” trick while snowboarding and skateboarding. Finding ways to express one’s individual style is not only characteristic of snow- and skateboarders; it is also essential to improving one’s technique and progressing as a rider. Logan was a free spirit who learned to snowboard in Breckenridge at an early age and did just that. 

The sculpture is a snapshot of what it is like to soar through the mountain air. The snowboarder, having just ridden over the jump, confidently bends his knees and grabs the board in this classic move. Elevated atop a ribbon of patinaed bronze, the rider throws up one arm in stylistic flair, or exhilaration, or both, while focusing on his landing target. Framed by the Ten-Mile Mountain Range to the West, the artwork often experiences sunsets that are as dramatic as the snowboarder’s pose. Across the Blue River is the Breckenridge Skate Park, where skaters of all skill levels hone their talents and, perhaps, find inspiration in Indy Sunset.

snowbarding sculpture