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Colorful shredded plastic that is ready to be used to create material for Precious Plastic art pieces

Breck Create believes that sustainability and environmental awareness are key values in maintaining the spirit of Breckenridge. As an extension of our commitment to the natural environment, we are proud to partner with Precious Plastic–a worldwide initiative that exists to reduce plastic waste through a combination of people, machines, platforms and knowledge. At Breck Create, our participation in the Precious Plastic initiative takes the form of a “Mix Workspace,” where community members and visitors to Breckenridge can transform plastic waste into art. 

In this workspace on the Arts District Campus, our team collects clean, label-free #1, #2, #5, and #6 plastics from local businesses and community members. The plastic is then shredded and sorted for use in classes and workshops, where patrons can learn how to create new objects from plastic waste using Precious Plastic equipment. We will also offer open studios, during which time patrons who have already taken introductory classes can use the equipment without the guidance of an instructor.

Plastic collection is ongoing, with classes and workshops opening to the public in Fall 2024.

A flyer for Breck Create's Precious Plastic Collection Events that encourages the community to drop off their plastic waste so that it may be transformed into art.
Next Drop Off
Jul 25, 2024 11:00am–5:00pm, Thursday
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Acceptable Plastics

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The workspace

The Precious Plastic “Re-Makerspace” is located on the Arts District Campus in the Fuqua Livery Stable. Fuqua functions as an all-in-one Precious Plastic workspace. The process begins with collecting clean, label-free plastic. The plastic is sorted and shredded and then stored for future projects. With a robust workshop that includes everything such as an injection mold machine, a sheet press and a 3D printer, your plastic trash can go through a variety of transformations. We can even recycle your Precious Plastic project when you’re done with it.

How to participate

Currently, the best way to contribute to Breck Create’s Precious Plastic initiative is to bring your clean, label-free plastics to specific collection events and weekly plastic drop-offs. Only on these occurrences will we accept #1, #2, #5, and #6 plastic. It is very important to thoroughly clean your plastic and remove all labels before donating it. Contaminated materials are harmful to our employees and can damage Precious Plastic equipment. Download this flyer for a list of acceptable plastic donations. 

Local recycling options

Diverting plastic waste from the local waste stream is a high priority for our Precious Plastic initiative. But we’re not the only organization doing this in Summit County. Items like plastic bottles and jugs are easily recyclable through your local single-stream recycling service or at local drop-off recycling centers. Before bringing your plastic to us, we ask that you recycle what you can through one of these services. Click here for more information. 

Partner with us

Are you a business that would like to partner with us and divert your plastic waste? Email drea@breckcreate.org 

Most of us are aware of the plastic problem, and we understand the gravity of the situation. Plastic is ubiquitous in our lives. Not only is it filling our landfills, it’s also polluting our natural environment. Even though commercial plastic recycling continues to grow, it has its limitations. It’s an industry driven by profit and mechanical limitations, and as a result, only certain items are accepted in certain communities, and some single-use plastics aren’t commercially recycled anywhere. This is where Precious Plastic comes in. 

Precious Plastic exists to reduce plastic waste. Sometimes it’s through boosting recycling. Sometimes through new biodegradable materials or by adopting zero waste lifestyles. At Breck Create, we’ll be teaching you how to transform plastic waste into art while raising awareness about the global (and local) plastic problem. 

Precious Plastic solutions see people as the key element to fix the plastic mess. Their approaches count on people to bring about the necessary change. Small steps, multiplied by millions. That’s where we can win our battle. They don’t believe in techno-utopian, fix-it-all, dream technology. Precious Plastic is a combination of people, machines, platforms and knowledge to create an alternative global recycling system. 

Everyone can join the Precious Plastic universe (yes you too!). Start by bringing your clean, label-free plastic (#1, #2, #5, #6 plastics only) to one of our collection events.